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AgroFresh Solutions Inc
AgroFresh Solutions Inc
Exchange: Nasdaq Global Select
IPO Date: 13/02/2014
CEO: Mr. Jordi Ferre
Farm Products Consumer Defensive 🔗
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  • 2.1801
  • 113681528
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AgroFresh Solutions, Inc. engages in the provision of food preservation and waste reduction solutions for fresh produce. The company is headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and currently employs 285 full-time employees. The firm’s principal product, The SmartFresh Quality System (SmartFresh), regulates the post-harvest ripening effects of ethylene, the naturally occurring plant hormone that triggers ripening in certain fruits and vegetables, through technology. SmartFresh is naturally biodegradable and leaves no detectable residue, which has significant consumer appeal. SmartFresh allows growers and packers to deliver just harvested freshness on a year-round basis. An integral part of the SmartFresh sales process is the AgroFresh Whole Product offering, which is a direct service model that provides customers with on-site applications of SmartFresh at their storage facilities combined with advisory services. The firm operates in approximately 40 countries.

Address: 100 S Independence Mall W Philadelphia PENNSYLVANIA 19106

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