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Axcelis Technologies Inc
Axcelis Technologies Inc
Exchange: Nasdaq Global Select
IPO Date: 11/07/2000
CEO: Ms. Mary Puma
Semiconductor Equipment & Materials Technology 🔗
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  • 56.38
  • 1861690240
    market cap
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Axcelis Technologies, Inc. engages in the design, manufacture and service of dry strip, ion implantation and other processing equipment used in the fabrication of semiconductor chips. The company is headquartered in Beverly, Massachusetts and currently employs 992 full-time employees. The firm also provides aftermarket lifecycle products and services, including used tools, spare parts, equipment upgrades, maintenance services and customer training. The firm offers a complete line of high energy, high current and medium current implanters for all application requirements. The firm’s Purion XE high energy system combines its radio frequency (RF) Linac high energy, spot beam technology with the Purion platform. The firm also offers the Purion M medium current system. The firm’s Purion M systems also offer differentiation for specialty applications, such as hot silicon carbide. The firm’s Purion H high current system is extendable into ultra-low energy applications to satisfy future process requirements, including leakage current performance.

Address: 108 Cherry Hill Dr Beverly MASSACHUSETTS 01915

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