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IPO Date: 13/10/2008
CEO: Mr. Scott Mahoney
Oil & Gas Integrated Energy 🔗
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BBHC, Inc. is a technology company, which engages in the production of a plasma based system for the gasification and sterilization of liquid waste. The company is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona and currently employs 87 full-time employees. The firm creates and produces hydrogen-based alternative fuel through the gasification of carbon-rich liquids, including certain liquids and liquid wastes. The firm also markets, for sale or licensure, its plasma arc technology for the processing of liquid waste (the Plasma Arc Flow System). Its products include the fuel called MagneGas2 for the metal working industry, the equipment primarily known in the firefighting industry, known as MagneTote, and the machines that produce MagneGas2, known as Plasma Arc Flow refineries. In addition, the Company sells metal cutting fuels and ancillary products through its subsidiary, Equipment Sales and Service, Inc. a Florida corporation. The company focuses on market segments, such as industrial gas sales, equipment sales for liquid waste processing and use of MagneGas2 for the co-combustion of hydro-carbon fuels to reduce emissions.

Address: 24980 N. 83RD AVENUE STE. 100 Peoria ARIZONA 85013

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