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BOQI International Medical Inc
BOQI International Medical Inc
Exchange: NasdaqCM
IPO Date: 04/10/2010
CEO: Tiewei Song
Pharmaceutical Retailers Healthcare 🔗
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BOQI International Medical, Inc. engages in energy technology business. The company is headquartered in Shenyang, Liaoning and currently employs 225 full-time employees. The firm’s principal business is the production and sales of energy-saving flow control equipment and intelligent flow control equipment. The firm operates through two segments: Heavy Manufacturing segment and Energy-saving Related Business segment. The Heavy Manufacturing segment includes production of valves components and the provision of valve improvement and engineering services. The Energy-saving Related Business segment includes provision of energy-saving related re-engineering and technical services, and long-term construction project business. The company provides equipment related to desulfurization, denitration and dust removal for electric power generation and heating supply industries, and provides consulting services, such as energy efficiency optimization design, energy consuming equipment retrofit and engineering and energy management.

Address: 3105 Tower C 390 Qingnian Avenue Heping District Shenyang LIAONING 110015

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