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CalAmp Corp
CalAmp Corp
Exchange: Nasdaq Global Select
IPO Date: 14/12/1983
CEO: Mr. Jeffery Gardner
Communication Equipment Technology 🔗
  • CAMP
  • 10.04
  • 360254272
    market cap
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CalAmp Corp. engages in delivering of wireless access and computer technologies. The company is headquartered in Irvine, California and currently employs 882 full-time employees. The firm operates through two business segments: Telematics Systems and Software & Subscription Services. Telematics Systems segment offers a series of Mobile Resource Management (MRM) telematics products and applications. The Software & Subscription Services segment offers cloud-based application enablement and telematics service platforms. The firm has facilities in various locations, including Carlsbad, California; Torrance, California; Herndon, Virginia; Waseca, Minnesota; Eden Prairie, Minnesota, and Auckland, New Zealand.

Address: 15635 Alton Pkwy Ste 250 Irvine CALIFORNIA 92618

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