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Calavo Growers Inc
Calavo Growers Inc
Exchange: Nasdaq Global Select
IPO Date: 16/01/1980
CEO: Mr. James Gibson
Packaged Foods Consumer Defensive 🔗
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  • 40.77
  • 720948160
    market cap
  • 4.170002
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Calavo Growers, Inc. engages in marketing and distribution of avocados, prepared avocados, and other perishable foods. The company is headquartered in Santa Paula, California and currently employs 3,657 full-time employees. The firm provides value-added fresh food. The firm distributes its products both domestically and internationally and internationally. The company operates in three business segments: Fresh products, Calavo Foods and Renaissance Food Group, LLC (RFG). The firm is engaged in marketing and distributing avocados, prepared avocados and other perishable foods, which allows it to deliver an array of fresh and prepared food products to food distributors, produce wholesalers, supermarkets, convenience stores and restaurants on a worldwide basis. The firm procures avocados principally from California and Mexico. Through its various operating facilities, the Company sorts, packs, and/or ripens avocados, tomatoes and/or Hawaiian grown papayas; processes and packages fresh cut fruit and vegetables, salads, wraps, sandwiches, fresh snacking products and a range of behind-the-glass deli items, and produces and packages guacamole and salsa.

Address: 1141 Cummings Rd Ste A Santa Paula CALIFORNIA 93060

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