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China Index Holdings Ltd
China Index Holdings Ltd
Exchange: NasdaqGS
IPO Date: 07/06/2019
CEO: Ms. Yu Huang
Software Application Technology 🔗
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China Index Holdings Limited is a holding company that operates real estate information and analytics service platform in China. The Company provides its services across data services, analytics services, promotion services and listing services for China’s real estate markets. Its service platform consists of various integrated data-driven information and analytics service modules that are subscription-based online solutions. The Company is developing a suite of commercial property-related services and products. Its data service platform, including the China Index Database and a number of integrated analytical modules based on its database, such as China Index Appraisal, China Index Rating and China Index Land. It allows its data services subscribers to track, understand and analyze the real estate industry and real estate information in China.

Address: Beijing BEIJING 100070

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