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China SXT Pharmaceuticals Inc
China SXT Pharmaceuticals Inc
Exchange: NasdaqCM
IPO Date: 04/01/2019
CEO: Mr. Feng Zhou
Drug Manufacturers General Specialty & Generic Healthcare 🔗
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China Sxt Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a holding company, which engages in the research, development, manufacture, marketing and sales of traditional Chinese medicine pieces (TCMP). The company is headquartered in Taizhou, Jiangsu and currently employs 96 full-time employees. The firm develops and sells three types of TCMPs such as Advanced TCMP, Fine TCMP, and Regular TCMP. The firm sells its TCMP products under three brand names such as Suxuangtang, Hui Chun Tang and Tong Ren Tang. As of December 4, 2017 It had a product portfolio of 13 Advanced TCMP, over 30 Fine TCMP, and 600 Regular TCMP that addresses several of diseases and medical indications.

Address: 178 Taidong Road North Taizhou JIANGSU 225300

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