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CytomX Therapeutics Inc
CytomX Therapeutics Inc
Exchange: Nasdaq Global Select
IPO Date: 08/10/2015
CEO: DR. Sean McCarthy
Biotechnology Healthcare 🔗
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CytomX Therapeutics, Inc. engages in the development of antibody therapeutics for the treatment of cancer based on its Probody therapeutic technology platform. The company is headquartered in South San Francisco, California and currently employs 137 full-time employees. The firm uses its Probody technology platform to create cancer immunotherapies against clinically validated targets, as well as to develop cancer therapeutics against difficult-to-drug targets. Its pipeline is focused on the development of therapies in a set of modalities: Probody cancer immunotherapies, Probody drug conjugates, T-cell engaging Probody bispecifics and ProCAR-NK cell therapies. Its product candidates include CX-072, CX-2009, CX-2029, Cytotoxic T-lymphocyte-associated protein 4 (CTLA-4) and CX-188. Its Probody platform utilizes active proteases in tumor tissue to allow monoclonal antibody-based therapies. Its investigational Probody therapeutics address clinically validated cancer targets in immuno-oncology, such as programmed death-ligand 1, against which CX-072 is directed, as well as targets, such as cluster of differentiation 166, against, which CX-2009 is directed.

Address: 151 Oyster Point Blvd Ste 400 South San Francisco CALIFORNIA 94080

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