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Datasea Inc
Datasea Inc
Exchange: NasdaqCM
IPO Date: 22/10/2015
CEO: Ms. Zhixin Liu
Software Infrastructure Technology 🔗
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Datasea, Inc. engages in the development and distribution of electronic and web-based security solutions. The company is headquartered in Beijing, Beijing and currently employs 48 full-time employees. Through its end-consumer marketing platform, the Company seeks to offer marketing solutions to businesses. The firm’s products and services can be delineated into five categories: Internet Security Equipment, New Media Advertising Service, Micro Marketing Service, Internet Service Provider (ISP) Connecting Service and Big Data Processing Service. The firm offers Internet security equipment. The firm has developed over three types of indoor equipment designed for facilities of different sizes and one type of outdoor equipment primarily for use by local branches of the Ministry of Public Security of People’s Republic of China. The firm has developed an electronic platform, Xin Platform. The firm had not generated any revenue.

Address: 1 Xinghuo Rd. Changning Building Suite 11D2E Fengtai District Beijing BEIJING 100176

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