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DMC Global Inc
DMC Global Inc
Exchange: Nasdaq Global Select
IPO Date: 05/01/1989
CEO: Mr. Kevin Longe
Oil & Gas Equipment & Services Energy 🔗
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DMC Global, Inc. engages in the provision of technical products and services in the energy, industrial, and infrastructure markets. The company is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado and currently employs 665 full-time employees. The firm operates a family of technical product and process businesses serving the energy, industrial and infrastructure markets. The firm’s businesses operate through an international network of manufacturing, distribution and sales facilities. The firm’s segments are NobelClad and DynaEnergetics. The NobelClad segment is engaged in the production of explosion-welded clad metal plates for use in the construction of corrosion resistant industrial processing equipment and specialized transition joints. The DynaEnergetics segment manufactures, markets and sells oilfield perforating equipment and explosives, including detonating cords, detonators, bi-directional boosters and shaped charges, and seismic related explosives and accessories. The company owns explosive metalworking and metallic processes, and registered trademarks, including Detaclad, Detacouple, EFTEK, ETJ 2000 and NOBELCLAD.

Address: 11800 Ridge Parkwaysuite 300 Boulder COLORADO 80021

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