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Envision Solar International Inc
Envision Solar International Inc
Exchange: NasdaqGS
IPO Date: 30/04/2010
CEO: Mr. Desmond Wheatley
Solar Technology 🔗
  • EVSI
  • 78.78
  • market cap
  • 1.08
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Envision Solar International, Inc. engages in the invention, design, engineering, manufacture, and sale of solar powered products. The company is headquartered in San Diego, California. The firm focuses on creating renewable energized powered platforms for electric vehicle (EV) charging, media and branding, and energy security. The firm’s product lines include the Electric Vehicle Autonomous Renewable Charger product (EV ARC) and the Solar Tree product. Its list of products includes EV ARC Electric Vehicle Charger; EV ARC Digital Electric Vehicle Charger with Digital Advertising Screen; EV ARC Motorcycle Charger; EV ARC Bicycle Charger; The Solar Tree DCFC product, equipped with a large array and on-board battery storage for direct current (DC) fast charging and energy security, and The Branded Solar Tree (HVBA) products, which include customized branding, finishes and signage.

Address: 5660 Eastgate Dr San Diego CALIFORNIA 92121

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