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Gentex Corp
Gentex Corp
Exchange: Nasdaq Global Select
IPO Date: 08/12/1981
CEO: Mr. Steven Downing
Auto Parts Consumer Cyclical 🔗
  • GNTX
  • 27.97
  • 6557818368
    market cap
  • -0.5400009
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Gentex Corp. engages in the design, development, and manufacture and supply of digital vision, connected car, dimmable glass, and fire protection products, Its revenue is derived from the production and sales of automotive products in the United States, Germany, and Japan. The company is headquartered in Zeeland, Michigan and currently employs 5,707 full-time employees. The firm’s business segment involves designing, developing, manufacturing and marketing interior and exterior automatic-dimming automotive rearview mirrors that utilize electrochromic technology to dim in proportion to the amount of headlight glare from trailing vehicle headlamps. Within this business segment, the Company also designs, develops and manufactures various electronics that are features to the interior and exterior automotive rearview mirrors, as well as interior visors, overhead consoles, and other locations in the vehicle. The firm ships its products to all of the automotive producing regions across the world, which it supports with various sales, engineering and distribution locations across the world.

Address: 600 N CENTENNIAL ST Zeeland MICHIGAN 49464

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