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Grindrod Shipping Holdings Ltd
Grindrod Shipping Holdings Ltd
Exchange: NasdaqGS
IPO Date: 18/06/2018
CEO: Mr. Martyn Richard Wade
Marine Shipping Industrials đź”—
  • GRIN
  • 25.41
  • 469701312
    market cap
  • 1.5599995
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Grindrod Shipping Holdings Ltd. engages in the provision of maritime transportation services. The company employs 759 full-time employees The firm is an international shipping company that owns, charters-in and operates a fleet of drybulk carriers and tankers. The firm operates two businesses primarily in: the drybulk carriers business, which is further divided into handysize, supramax, and other operating segments; and the tankers business, which is further divided into medium range tankers, small tankers, and other operating segments. Activities that do not relate to these business segments are accumulated in an unallocated segment. The Company’s drybulk business is primarily focused on the handysize and supramax segments. The company has over 20 handysize drybulk carriers and 12 supramax drybulk carriers in its fleet with sizes ranging from 28,240d deadweight tonnage (dwt) to 60,490 dwt. The Company’s tankers business is focused on the medium range tanker segment and also operates in the small tanker segment.

Address: 200 Cantonment Road #03-01 Southpoint 089763

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