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HOOKIPA Pharma Inc
HOOKIPA Pharma Inc
Exchange: NasdaqGS
IPO Date: 18/04/2019
CEO: Mr. Joern Aldag
Biotechnology Healthcare 🔗
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HOOKIPA Pharma, Inc. engages in the development of immunotherapeutics, targeting infectious diseases and cancers based on its proprietary arenavirus platform that is designed to reprogram the body’s immune system. The company is headquartered in New York City, New York and currently employs 60 full-time employees. The firm is developing products to prevent and cure infectious diseases and cancer. The firm’s infectious and oncology product candidates HB-101, HB-201 and HB-202. The infectious disease product candidate, HB-101, is in a randomized, double-blinded Phase II clinical trial in cytomegalovirus-negative patients awaiting kidney transplantation from cytomegalovirus-positive donors. Its lead oncology product candidates, HB-201 and HB-202, are in development for the treatment of human papillomavirus-positive cancers. The firm offers VaxWave technology, which is designed to induce a robust CD8+ T cell and pathogen neutralizing response to fight disease. VaxWave technology supports the benefits of our arenavirus platform approach.

Address: 430 East 29Th Street 14Th Floor New York City NEW YORK 10118

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