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Innospec Inc
Innospec Inc
Exchange: Nasdaq Global Select
IPO Date: 13/05/1998
CEO: Mr. Patrick Williams
Specialty Chemicals Basic Materials 🔗
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Innospec, Inc. develops, manufactures, blends, markets and supplies fuel additives, oilfield chemicals, personal care, and other specialty chemicals. The company is headquartered in Englewood, Colorado and currently employs 2,000 full-time employees. The firm operates through four business segments: Fuel Specialties, Performance Chemicals, Oilfield Services and Octane Additives. Its Fuel Specialties develops, manufactures, blends, markets and supplies various specialty chemical products that are used as additives for a range of fuels. Its Performance Chemicals provides technology-based solutions. Its Oilfield Services business supplies drilling, completion and production chemicals. Its Octane Additives business manufactures a fuel additive for use in automotive gasoline and provides services in respect of environmental remediation. Its customers include oil and gas exploration and production companies, fuel users, and oil refiners among others.

Address: 8310 S Valley Hwy Ste 350 Englewood COLORADO 80112

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