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Ituran Location and Control Ltd
Ituran Location and Control Ltd
Exchange: Nasdaq Global Select
IPO Date: 01/05/1998
CEO: Mr. Eyal Sheratzky
Communication Equipment Technology 🔗
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  • 25.86
  • 538231936
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Ituran Location & Control Ltd. engages in the provision of stolen vehicle recovery, fleet management, and tracking services. The firm also provides wireless communication products used in connection with its location-based services and various other applications. Its operations consist of two segments: location-based services and wireless communications products. Its location-based services segment consists of its SVR and tracking services, fleet management and value-added services consisted of personal locater services and concierge services. Its wireless communications products segment consists of short and medium range two-way machine-to-machine wireless communications products that are used for various applications, including automatic vehicle location (AVL) and automatic vehicle identification. The company primarily provides its services, as well as sells and leases its products in Israel, Brazil, Argentina and the United States.

Address: 3 REHOV HASHIKMA A.T AZUR T.D 163 AZOR 58001

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