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Kimball Electronics Inc
Kimball Electronics Inc
Exchange: Nasdaq Global Select
IPO Date: 20/10/2014
CEO: Mr. Donald Charron
Electrical Equipment & Parts Industrials 🔗
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  • 18.05
  • 458769600
    market cap
  • 0.9399986
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Kimball Electronics, Inc. engages in the provision of engineering, manufacturing, and supply of chain services to customers in the automotive, medical, industrial and public safety end markets. The company is headquartered in Jasper, Indiana and currently employs 6,300 full-time employees. The firm is engaged in producing electronics for the automotive, medical, industrial and public safety markets. The company provides design, engineering, manufacturing, packaging and distribution of electronic assemblies and circuit boards on a contract basis to a range of industries. The firm offers various engineering, manufacturing and supply chain services, such as design services; production and testing of printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAS); industrialization and automation of manufacturing processes; product design and process validation and qualification; reliability testing, which include testing of products under a series of environmental conditions; assembly, production and packaging of other related non-electronic products, and product life cycle management. The company is engaged in producing safety critical electronic assemblies for the automotive market.

Address: 1205 Kimball Blvd Jasper INDIANA 47546

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