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Lmp Automotive Holdings Inc
Lmp Automotive Holdings Inc
Exchange: NasdaqGS
IPO Date: 05/12/2019
CEO: Mr. Samer Tawfik
Auto & Truck Dealerships Consumer Cyclical 🔗
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LMP Automotive Holdings, Inc. engages in the provision of an e-commerce and facilities-based retail platform for consumers who desire to buy, sell, rent, subscribe for or finance pre-owned and new automobiles. The company is headquartered in Plantation, Florida and currently employs 11 full-time employees. The firm provides a marketplace for users to buy, sell, subscribe for or finance new and used automobiles. The firm buys pre-owned automobiles primarily through auctions or directly from other automobile dealers, and new automobiles from manufacturers and manufacturer distributors at fleet rates. The company rents or subscribes by either renting automobiles to its customers or allowing them to enter into its subscription plan for automobiles in which customers have use of an automobile for a minimum of thirty (30) days. The company sells its inventory, including automobiles previously included in rental and subscription programs, to customers as well. The Company’s fleet consists of approximately 215 automobiles.

Address: 601 N State Road 7 Plantation FLORIDA 33317

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