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National Research Corp
National Research Corp
Exchange: NasdaqGS
IPO Date: 01/10/1997
CEO: Mr. Michael Hays
Diagnostics & Research Healthcare 🔗
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National Research Corp. engages in the provision of analytics and insights that facilitate patient, employee, and customer retention. The company is headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska and currently employs 434 full-time employees. The firm operates through six segments: Experience, The Governance Institute, Market Insights, Transparency, National Research Corporation Canada and Connect. The firm’s portfolio of subscription-based solutions provides information and analysis to healthcare organizations and payers across a range of constituent-related elements, including patient experience and satisfaction, community population health risks, workforce engagement, community perceptions and physician engagement. NRC Health partners with clients across the range of healthcare services. The firm’s clients range from integrated health systems and post-acute providers, such as home health, long-term care and hospice, to payer organizations. NRC Health’s portfolio of solutions is designed to help healthcare companies.

Address: 1245 Q St Lincoln NEBRASKA 68508

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