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Exchange: NasdaqGS
IPO Date: 26/04/2018
CEO: Mr. Scott Keeney
Semiconductors Technology 🔗
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  • 27.9
  • 1205227008
    market cap
  • 0.19999886
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nLIGHT, Inc. develops and manufactures semiconductor and fiber lasers components. The company is headquartered in Vancouver Washington, Washington and currently employs 1,130 full-time employees. The firm’s products include semiconductor lasers and fiber lasers. The firm’s products are typically integrated into laser systems or manufacturing tools built by its customers. The semiconductor lasers serve as the core building block of its products and deeply integrated with OEM customers’ systems used in applications in the industrial, micro fabrication, and aerospace and defense markets. The firm sells high-power semiconductor lasers with a broad range of power levels, wavelengths and output fiber sizes. The firm offers programmable, serviceable and reliable high-power fiber lasers primarily for use in industrial, micro fabrication, and aerospace and defense applications. Its fiber lasers enable fast, and efficient processing of materials.

Address: 5408 NE 88th St Ste E Vancouver Washington WASHINGTON 98665

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