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NuVasive Inc
NuVasive Inc
Exchange: Nasdaq Global Select
IPO Date: 13/05/2004
CEO: Mr. J. Christopher Barry
Medical Devices Healthcare 🔗
  • NUVA
  • 49.16
  • 2558335488
    market cap
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NuVasive, Inc. engages in the development of minimally-disruptive surgical products and procedurally-integrated solutions for spine surgery. The company is headquartered in San Diego, California and currently employs 2,600 full-time employees. The firm focuses on developing minimally-disruptive surgical products and procedurally-integrated solutions for the spine surgery. Its product portfolio focuses on applications for spine fusion surgery, including biologics used to aid in the spinal fusion process. Its principal product offering includes a minimally-disruptive surgical platform called Maximum Access Surgery (MAS). The platform includes its software-driven nerve detection and avoidance systems, including NVM5, and intraoperative monitoring services and support; MaXcess, an integrated split-blade retractor system, and a range of implants and biologics. The platform combines three product categories: its MaXcess retractors, specialized implants and fixation products, and nerve monitoring systems and service offerings that collectively enable surgeons to detect and navigate around nerves, while directing customized access to the spine for implant delivery.

Address: 7475 Lusk Blvd San Diego CALIFORNIA 92121

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