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Exchange: NasdaqGS
IPO Date: 18/05/2005
CEO: Mr. William Febbo
Health Information Services Healthcare 🔗
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OptimizeRx Corp. engages in the provision of digital health messaging via electronic health records, which serves as a direct channel for pharmaceutical companies to communicate with healthcare providers. The company is headquartered in Rochester, Michigan and currently employs 37 full-time employees. The firm focuses on the healthcare industry. The firm connects patients, physicians and pharmaceutical manufacturers through technology. The firm’s solutions provide pharmaceutical manufacturers a direct to physician channel for communicating and promoting products. The company provides healthcare providers a means to provide sampling and coupons without having to physically store samples on site. The firm’s principal products and applications include SampleMD, OPTIMIZEHR and SampleMD is a virtual Patient Support Center. OPTIMIZEHR is a consulting practice focused on educating and working with pharmaceutical manufacturers on identifying, formulating and implementing new electronic prescribing (eRx) media strategies for promoting their products. is a portal to healthcare savings for patients to centrally review and participate in prescription and healthcare savings and support programs.

Address: 400 Water St Ste 200 Rochester MICHIGAN 48307

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