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Pan American Silver Corp
Pan American Silver Corp
Exchange: Nasdaq Global Select
IPO Date: 09/10/1984
CEO: Dr. Michael Steinmann
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Pan American Silver Corp. engages in the exploration, development, extraction, processing, refining, and reclamation of mineral properties. The company is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia and currently employs 4,530 full-time employees. The firm is principally engaged in the operation and development of, and exploration for, silver producing properties. The firm’s segments include Peru, Mexico, Argentina and Bolivia. The firm also produces and sells gold, zinc, lead and copper. The firm’s operating properties in Mexico include La Colorada Mine, Dolores and Alamo Dorado. The firm’s operating properties in Peru include Huaron Mine and Morococha Mine. The firm’s operating properties in Bolivia include San Vicente. The firm’s operating properties in Argentina include Manantial Espejo. The firm’s development properties include Navidad Property. The La Colorada underground silver mine is located in the Chalchihuites district in Zacatecas State, Mexico, approximately 99 kilometers south of Durango and 156 kilometers northwest of Zacatecas. The La Colorada consists of approximately 60 claims totaling approximately 8,400 hectares.

Address: 1440 - 625 Howe Street Vancouver BRITISH COLUMBIA V6C 2T6

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