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PolarityTE Inc
PolarityTE Inc
Exchange: NasdaqGS
IPO Date: 13/08/1999
CEO: Mr. Jesse Sutton
Biotechnology Healthcare đŸ”—
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PolarityTE, Inc. is a biotechnology company developing and commercializing regenerative tissue products and biomaterials. The company is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah and currently employs 156 full-time employees. The firm seeks to develop and obtain regulatory approval for technology that will utilize a patient’s own tissue substrates for the regeneration of skin, bone, muscle, cartilage, fat, blood vessels and nerves. The firm’s PolarityTE platform simplifies regeneration and allows cells to function naturally. The platform can be applied across all cells, tissues and composite structures. The firm focuses on various products, including SkinTE, OsteoTE, AngioTE, MyoTE, CartTE, AdiposeTE and NeuralTE. The Company, through SkinTE, is focused on supplying an autologous construct to regenerate a patient’s skin due to a variety of injuries and conditions.

Address: 123 N Wright Brothers Dr Salt Lake City UTAH

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