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Precigen Inc
Precigen Inc
Exchange: NasdaqGS
IPO Date: 08/08/2013
CEO: Dr. Helen Sabzevari MPH, Ph.D.
Biotechnology Healthcare 🔗
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Precigen, Inc., formerly Intrexon Corporation, forms collaborations to create biologically-based products and processes using synthetic biology. The Company’s domestic operations are in California, Florida, Maryland, and Virginia, and its primary international operations are in Belgium and Hungary. The Company designs, builds and regulates gene programs, which are deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) sequences that consist of genetic components. The Company’s synthetic biology capabilities include the ability to control the amount, location and modification of biological molecules to control the function and output of living cells and optimize for desired results at an industrial scale. The Company’s technologies include UltraVector gene design and fabrication platform, and its associated library of modular DNA components; Cell Systems Informatics; RheoSwitch inducible gene switch; AttSite Recombinases; Protein Engineering; Laser-Enabled Analysis and Processing (LEAP), and ActoBiotics platform.

Address: 20374 SENECA MEADOWS PARKWAY Germantown MARYLAND 20876

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