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PriceSmart Inc
PriceSmart Inc
Exchange: Nasdaq Global Select
IPO Date: 19/08/1997
CEO: Ms. Sherry Bahrambeygui
Discount Stores Consumer Defensive 🔗
  • PSMT
  • 82.51
  • 2539930112
    market cap
  • 1.0800018
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PriceSmart, Inc. engages in the international management and operation of membership warehouse clubs. The company is headquartered in San Diego, California and currently employs 9,000 full-time employees. In addition, the Company operates distribution centers and offices in the United States. The firm’s segments include the United States, Central America, the Caribbean and Colombia. The firm owns and operates the United States-style membership shopping warehouse clubs in Latin America and the Caribbean. The company offers private label consumer goods to individuals and businesses. The firm offers three types of memberships, such as Business, Diamond and in Costa Rica Platinum memberships. The company promotes Business membership through its marketing programs and offers certain merchandise targeted to businesses, such as restaurants, hotels, convenience stores, offices and institutions. The Diamond membership is focused on individuals and families. The firm offers Platinum memberships in Costa Rica.

Address: 9740 Scranton Rd San Diego CALIFORNIA 92121

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