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SLM Corp
SLM Corp
Exchange: Nasdaq Global Select
IPO Date: 12/12/2011
CEO: Dr. Raymond Quinlan
Credit Services Financial Services 🔗
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  • 15.965
  • 4013345536
    market cap
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SLM Corp. engages in the provision and administration of education loans. The company is headquartered in Newark Delaware, Delaware and currently employs 1,700 full-time employees. The firm’s primary business is to originate and service loans it makes to students and their families to finance the cost of their education. The firm is a saving, planning and paying for college company. The company is engaged in originating and servicing Private Education Loans it makes to students and their families. The company uses Private Education Loans to mean education loans to students or their families that are not made, insured or guaranteed by any state or federal government. The company also operates Upromise, Inc., a consumer savings network that provides financial rewards on everyday purchases to help families save for college. Its Private Education Loans that it owns or services are originated and funded by its subsidiary, Sallie Mae Bank (the Bank). Its services include resources dedicated to assist customers with needs and escalated inquiries. The company provides access to a free online scholarship database, which includes information about scholarships.

Address: 300 Continental Dr Newark Delaware DELAWARE

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