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SpartanNash Co
SpartanNash Co
Exchange: Nasdaq Global Select
IPO Date: 01/08/2000
CEO: Mr. Dennis Eidson
Food Distribution Consumer Defensive 🔗
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SpartanNash Co. engages in the distribution of grocery products to military commissaries in the U.S. The company is headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan and currently employs 8,800 full-time employees. The firm’s core businesses include distributing grocery products to independent grocery retailers (independent retailers), select national retailers, its corporate owned retail stores, and the United States military commissaries. The firm operates through three segments: Food Distribution, Military and Retail. The Food Distribution segment provides a range of nationally branded and private brand grocery products and perishable food products to independent retailers, food service distributors and its corporate owned retail stores. The Military segment contracts with manufacturers to distribute a range of grocery products primarily to military commissaries and exchanges located in the United States, the District of Columbia, Europe, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Bahrain and Egypt. As of December 31, 2016, the Retail segment operated 157 corporate owned retail stores in the Midwest and Great Lakes regions.

Address: 850 76th St SW PO Box 8700 Grand Rapids MICHIGAN 49518

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