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TransGlobe Energy Corp
TransGlobe Energy Corp
Exchange: Nasdaq Global Select
IPO Date: 07/11/1997
CEO: Mr. Randall Neely
Oil & Gas E&P Energy 🔗
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TransGlobe Energy Corp. engages in exploration, development, production, and acquisition of properties. The company is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta and currently employs 83 full-time employees. The firm’s activities are concentrated in the Arab Republic of Egypt (Egypt). The firm conducts its operations through the Arab Republic of Egypt segment. The firm is primarily engaged in oil exploration, development, production and the acquisition of properties. The company holds interests in various production sharing concessions (PSC) in Eastern Desert Egypt and Western Desert Egypt. Its blocks in Eastern Desert Egypt include West Gharib, which covers approximately 34,860 acres; West Bakr, covering over 11,600 acres; North West (NW) Gharib, covering approximately 162,000 acres; South East (SE) Gharib, which covers over 125,650 acres, and South West (SW) Gharib, covering approximately 48,310 acres. Its blocks in the Western Desert Egypt include South Alamein, covering approximately 335,830 acres; South Ghazalat, covering over 465,300 acres, and North West (NW) Sitra, covering approximately 480,850 acres.

Address: 2300-250 5 St SW Calgary ALBERTA T2P 0R4

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